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The secrets to healthy nails

Nails are important. The right shade of polish can really make or break an outfit. If my nails are well shaped, have a bit of length and my varnish is chip free, it’s one of those moments where I really feel like I’ve got my s**t together you know? Of course you know. Trouble is, I, like many of you, have nails that just don’t want to play the game. Unless I cover them in shiny gel armour, they split and break and snag constantly and look, how do I put it? A mess, frankly. I’m fighting back though and have sought the help of one of our resident in-salon manicure queens to discover the fixes to all my nail woes. And, because I’m a giver, I thought I’d share her secrets with you.



Dry and Ragged Cuticles

Apparently this is inevitable for all of us (oh joy) and is mostly a result of ageing. Fear not though, there are things you can do to help combat the problem. A cuticle oil massaged into the nails overnight will go a long way. It has the added bonus of boosting blood flow to help encourage nail growth (win win). I’ve been using Nailtiques Cuticle Care Oil 10ml.

Flaking/Splitting Nails

As before, cuticle oil treatments will help to prevent flaking over time. If you find yourself in a job that calls for your hands to be in water constantly like me, that’s your culprit right there. Rubber gloves are your friend here. It’s also advisable to avoid acetone based polishes for obvious reasons. That said, acetone based removers are preferable as they are more efficient at removing polish and prevent the endless rubbing associated with their non-acetone counterparts. Oh, and NEVER, ever buff your nails if your nails are weak. Nope, not ever.

Nails that snap

Overly dry, brittle nails will simply break. Again, oil treatments help (in case you’re not getting it…oil is good for nails. Check) Here, it’s recommended to use nail strengtheners, or protein formulas. I love Nailtiques Formula 3. Apply this clear varnish daily for 7 days, then remove and repeat until strength is restored.


This is the most common nail ailment apparently, so fear not, you’re not alone. Length-ways ridges usually respond to very gentle buffing. Make sure your nails are varnish free and buff lengthways, but never to the point where you create any heat. Then apply Nailtiques Nail Moisturiser 28g. And, of course, oil obviously.


Just like with your skin, your diet has a huge bearing on the health of your nails. Try to consume oily fish (such as sardines or mackerel) two or three times a week for the Omega 3. Alternatively, if you’re not a fish lover, try a supplement with fish oils. Also ensure you get enough protein for the iron content. You know Popeye had good nails right?!


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