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Moroccanoil Shine Spray and Styling Cream review

Moroccanoil shine spray and styling cream Moroccanoil shine spray and styling cream

I love moroccanoil, and have used the hair oil for a number of years now. I have never tried any of their other products so thought I would treat myself and give them a go! I opted for the Shine spray as I often use another make of shine spray and the styling cream – which is meant to be great for blow-drying your hair.

I was advised to use both of these products together as they work well when used at the same time. So here’s how I got on…

Styling cream

To start with the texture may be something you haven’t used before. It’s a thick consistency almost like a moisturiser, which for some is odd to apply to the hair. Apply to towel dried hair, but don’t put on too much. The Moroccanoil in the cream is very rich, so you don’t need too much. When I was blow-drying my hair, it did seem to respond to my brush a bit more. I found it easier to curl the ends and I got more of a definitive wave.

The smell of the cream is lovely, like all the Moroccanoil products, and I found that my blow-dry bounce lasted all day. I am quite lucky and don’t tend to have frizzy hair – but if you do this is a wonder cream for combating frizz too!

5/5  :)

Shine Spray

The glimmer shine spray from Moroccanoil is perfect to add a finishing touch to your hair style. A few spritz and that ultra shine glossy look is definitely there. You can tell the product is a high quality product due to the richness of the liquid. Be careful not to spray too close to your head as it really grabs onto the strands. I made the mistake of getting a bit spritz happy and ended up with a greasy looking barnett – not that attractive! Next time I blow-dried with the styling cream I applied the shine spray again – but from a lot further away. This time I did get a lovely shine to my hair and it made it feel sooo smooth and silky!

Loved the product once I knew how to use it properly!

4/5 :)

One thought on “Moroccanoil Shine Spray and Styling Cream review”

  • Abby

    Morrocanoil is one of the most raved hair products when it first came out. It does wonders for the hair and works well with keeping hair healthy on top of helping you achieve your desired style :)

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