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    In 2004, Redken introduced its first professional grooming line for men, Redken for Men. Staying true to their heritage, the next generation of men’s essentials is here: Redken Brews.

    The complete collection includes stylers formulated for endless looks, beer-inspired, malt-infused haircare formulations, skin solutions for shavers and non-shavers, beard care and no foil, no fuss color services for men.

    With repackaged iconic products, the haircare range upgraded to include malt, and an expanded portfolio to include six new products Redken Brews is now the complete destination from Redken for every man’s grooming needs.

    As a master groomer, I use products on men behind the chair every day. My male clients’ focus on personal grooming has grown exponentially over the past few years, so I’m thrilled that Redken has extended their men’s range to help consumers create countless hair looks in their day to day lives. With the addition of a hybrid skincare / beard grooming oil, this line truly encompasses all of my male clients’ needs at home. The masculine, beer-inspired look and feel of this line complements my barber chair as much as it does a man’s bathroom,” says Redken Brand Ambassador Rodney Cutler.

  • Simple Skin Care Routine for Men

    Gone are the days when men would use just one product to cover their hair, face and body. Men are more and more interested in taking care of their skin, but often have little idea how to do so. Our industry is frustratingly catering mostly to women, and can sometimes make the process a little complicated. We’re all about keeping things simple, so here’s an easy and effective skin care routine just for men.

    Step 1: Cleanse

    The key to a good skin care routine is to thoroughly, yet gently cleansing your skin with a face wash such as L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Power Refreshing Face Wash 150ml. Cleansing your skin in the morning and before bed will help remove oil, bacteria, and impurities from your pores that can cause acne and dull your overall complexion. It can lead to a better shave by removing bacteria and oil that can seep into your pores as you glide your blade across the skin.

    Before cleansing your face, make sure to open up the pores by hopping in the shower or splashing some warm water over the skin. This will help open up the pores for a better cleanse. Apply the wash all over, gently rubbing in circles. When done, rinse your face with cool water to close the pores and gently pat your face dry. Remember, your skin should feel clean, but not too clean or dried out. An excessively cleansed face will cause irritation, excess oil production and premature wrinkles. Nobody wants that right?

    Step 2: Exfoliate

    This next step is crucial to any skin care routine, not only for your skin, but for a better shave. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and other impurities on the face, but also softens the hairs on your face, lifting them up for a closer, smoother shave. Plus, men tend to have oilier skin than women, so that means you’ll be more prone to dead skin cell build up and other impurities sitting on your face. Exfoliating removes these from the face, allowing newer, healthier looking skin cells to appear. Post shave, a face scrub can also help those prone to ingrown hairs.

    After cleansing your face, gently rub a facial scrub (we love Thalgo Refreshing Exfoliator 50ml) over your skin. Once your skin feels polished, rinse the scrub off with cool water to close your pores and pat your face dry. We recommend only using a face scrub two to three times a week to not irritate your skin.

    Step 3: Moisturise

    If you’re looking for visible results with your skin, hydration is key. Using moisturiser daily helps keep the skin cells hydrated, while preventing oil and other impurities from entering into the pores. It also helps fight skin ageing as it stimulates collagen production.

    After steps 1 and 2, apply a thin layer of moisturiser all over, especially targeting your forehead, around the eyes and your cheeks. Try not to apply too much, less is more. Go for a product like L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Power Refreshing Moisturiser 50ml

    A few added extras…

    Sun Cream:

    All skin care routines should include a step to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin. Make sure to use a sun cream with at least SPF15

    Eye Cream:

    Eye cream might be a step too far for most men, but it does make such a difference. As you sleep, fluid builds up underneath your eyes, causing dark circles and bags. Most eye creams contain some form of caffeine that will help stimulate the blood, dissipating the puffiness and dark circles. Try ThalgoMen Anti-Fatigue Serum For Eyes 15ml

  • Man-Tastic - The Product Debate

    We've been having a bit of a debate here at TSL Towers about products and men. When it comes to using them, how many is too many?

    Whilst us lovely ladies have an array of gorgeous goodies to choose from some men are just coming round to the idea that perhaps moisturising isn't an option but a necessity. So we've put together our list of guy-friendly products that will stop him feeling guilty about stealing your Thalgo kit and keep him away from too much guy-liner! All these have the TSL kiss of approval and a bit of cheeky discount you won't get anywhere else :)

    1. Hair

    Let's start at the top. Whatever your age and however much you've got left you need to take care of it. A good conditioner will keep your barnet in tip top shape and they don't have to cost a fortune to make a difference. Check out our favourites

    If you're going grey there is no shame in dying them out - just don't do a John Travlota! Use a colour as close to your own as possible - these kits from L'Oreal Men Expert are easy to use but if you need some help don't be afraid to ask!

    2. Face

    It's not rocket science guys -use a gentle exfoliator everyday to remove dead skin cells and brighten complexions. Follow with a good moisturiser like this from Thalgo skincare. If you're going to spend your money anywhere our advice is always on moisturiser. Trust us, you won't regret it!

    3. Shaving

    Special mention for this! Us girls know how careful we need to be when shaving our legs so it's vital you have the right products when shaving your faces! Lather the area to be shaved with a good foam or gel, use a sharp razor to avoid drag and get a closer shave and finish with a calming balm to soothe irritated skin. Have a look at the discounts on our range from L'Oreal, always a firm favourite!


    Is he Ryan Gosling yet?


    So, after much consideration these are the 3 areas we think definitely deserve some TLC when it comes to our TSL Men. What do you lot think?

    The TSL Team x

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