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Body Care

  • Thalgo Travel Skin & Body Care Kit GT17068

    New Release for Summer 2018

    Thalgo Travel Skin & Body Care Kit GT17068

    Our pick of skincare and bodycare essentials in a travel-friendly clear vanity bag!

    The Vanity bag contains:
    Cleansing Cream Foam (20ml)
    Hydra-Marine Serum (15ml)
    Hydra-Marine Gel Balm (20ml)
    24H Hydrating Body Milk (30ml)
    *Contents Worth: Over £49.00*

    Discover now at https://goo.gl/VqZ19D

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  • Sleep your way to better skin

    I love sleep. It’s true…I’ve never been one of those people that can survive on 6 hours a night. I need at least 8 hours or my brain and body will hate me for the rest of the day. For the most part, I’ve always seen the benefit of a good night’s sleep. These days though, thanks to technology, we’re increasingly interconnected and constantly ‘switched on’, so we try to survive on as little as possible. Big mistake, huge.

    The hours that we spend asleep are actually among our most constructive. While we sleep our brain recharges and cellular repair increases, which hugely benefits our skin. Your mind and body enter a biological regeneration mode while we sleep, performing reparative functions that don’t occur while you’re awake.

    Your skin follows a similar regenerative process. Sleep inducing melatonin is known for its antioxidant properties. Levels of stress hormone cortisol also fall while you sleep, allowing skin to repair and protect itself from outside damage. Sleep also gives time for your body to produce more collagen, which minimises fine lines. If that wasn’t enough, your body releases growth hormones while you sleep which can strengthen skin.

    That’s why sleep deprivation can be such a killer for your skin. Just a couple of nights of missed sleep can result in sallow skin, puffy eyes. If you keep that up, you’re in for dark circles and early ageing.

    Your body is really working its magic while you sleep to keep your skin in top condition, but there are things you can do to help and maximise the benefits for your skin. Like we said, your skin is in repair mode while you sleep. The increased blood flow means your skin is best able to absorb active ingredients more effectively while you sleep. For example, if your skin’s dehydrated I would always recommend a gel-cream formula for your night cream, as this will help to replenish hydration levels. Try Thalgo Source Marine Hydra Marine Gel-Balm. This hydrating balm has a delicious gel texture, offering a triple anti-fatigue performance for a radiance boost.

    If we’re getting serious about active ingredients though, essential oils are the best solution for a night time routine. Plus, they have the added bonus of relaxing the mind and body to help improve sleep quality. Lavender is a well known scent to aid sleep, but it’s skin benefits as an essential oil are proven too. Decleor have long known about the link between sleep and skin health. Their range of night balms are specially formulated to work at night when the skin is most receptive. Their sensual and aromatic balms, such as Decléor Aromessence Iris Rejuvenating Night Balm relaxes the senses before sleep and has a heavenly melt-in texture allowing it to be rapidly absorbed. It intensely moisturises and comforts mature skin to leave it energised, toned, with facial contours redefined.

    So take the time to switch off, and let your skincare work for you while you get a good night’s sleep.


  • 10 steps to the perfect at home pedicure

    We’ve all been there. You’ve kept your feet covered up in the winter months, applied the occasional coat of polish on your toes, only to be faced with the flip flop fear. It’s a sunny day, perfect flip-flop weather, but your toes just aren’t up to scratch. Don’t stress, follow these 10 easy steps to get you feet in to tip top condition.

    Step 1. Make sure you buff your feet when dry, not wet. This will help to really shift the dead skin. Use a sturdy foot file and focus on the heels, balls of feet and edges of toes.

    Step 2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a reviving foot soak, such as Essie Spa Marine Sea Salts 56g. Soak your feet for 10 minutes as this with help to soothe and soften your skin.

    Step 3. Using a foot scrub, massage your feet to get rid of the last dregs of dead skin, then rinse. I love Essie Spa Sea Mineral Glow 56g

    Step 4. Apply a foot masque. Wrap your feet in cling film, followed by a warm towel and relax for 10 minutes, then rinse. My favourite is Essie Spa Hydro-Masque.

    Step 5. Dry your feet thoroughly (even between your toes) and gently ease back your cuticles with a cuticle stick.

    Step 6. Cut your nails straight across with nail clippers. Make lots of little snips, rather than all at once, or you might break your nail. Top tip: It’s important not to create a round shape to your toenails as this can lead to an ingrown nail.

    Step 7. Massage your feet with a rich foot lotion to lock in the moisture. I usually opt for Nailtiques Avocado Foot Cream. It smells amazing and leaves your feel feeling silky smooth.

    Step 8. For the ultimate treat, apply foot lotion before bedtime, wrap them in cling film as before, then add some socks and hop into bed. Essie Spa Kirby Cream is perfect for this

    Step 9. If you want to add some colour, wipe off the foot lotion from your nails using a damp cotton wool pad. Then add your base coat, two layers of polish and a high-shine topcoat.

    Step 10. Cuticle oil is key to maintaining healthy nails. Use a roll on variety for ease and to keep any mess to a minimum. Try Nailtiques Cuticle Oil Roll-On.

    So give these steps a try and say goodbye to flip flop fear for good.


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