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Celeb Style

  • Fake it till you make it

    Despite it being a pretty wet and miserable day as I write this post, the days have been getting a little warmer of late and soon it’ll be the time of year all girls dread…it’s time to get your legs out and sadly they haven’t seen daylight since last September. That’s right girls it’s pasty legs time, but fear not, I’m here to help…or rather, fake tan is.

    Now, don’t be scared. I know you fear the orange streaks and patchy tan mistakes of days gone by, but things are different now. Follow my step my step guide below and trust me…fake tan can be your friend again.

    TIP 1: Scrub up

    Say it with me now…exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate. Exfoliating your body will remove dead skin cells and create a smooth and uniform surface on the skin for your tan to be applied to, which will help result in an even colour. You’ll want to make sure you stay clear of exfoliators that contain oils as these will create a barrier on the skin so are not really ideal for tanning. Make sure you pay special attention to your elbows, knees and ankle areas as this is wear rough and dry skin tends to build up. I always opt for Thalgo Descomask Body Scrub.

    TIP 2: Hair removal

    This is where timing is key. Any hair removal, whether it’s waxing or shaving should be carried out 24 hours before you tan. This ensures that the skin is calm and ready for tanning. Never, EVER try to wax after applying tan ladies as all you’ll do is remove every last bit of tan in that area. Not the best move.

    TIP 3: Moisturise

    On the day of your tan application, don’t moisturise your body, or wear deodorant or perfume. Again, the moisturiser acts as a barrier to the tan and will prevent an even application. By all means (and please do) moisturise the night before, just not on the day. More on that later.

    TIP 4: Showertime

    If you have a shower just before your tan application make sure you blast your skin with cold water before you get out. It might not be your favourite thing to do, but it will shrink all of your pores and therefore reduce the chance of them getting blocked

    TAN TIP 5: Aloe Vera

    Moisturise your hands, elbows, knees and feet as well as your nails with an aloe vera based moisturiser. Also, If you have blonde hair, add a light layer of moisturiser to your hairline and eyebrows to stop them from absorbing tan and changing colour.

    TAN TIP 6: Which brand?

    With fake tan you really get what you pay for and if you opt for a brand that specialises in tanning, then you’re sure to get better results. A no brainer really. I will always go for St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. It’s quick-drying, so easy to apply and best of all it’s what I call an intelligent tan – it matches your skin tones and reacts with your amino acids to develop into a shade that is reflective of you, i.e. no orange or luminous fake looking tans. Winner.

    TAN TIP 7: Application

    Always apply using an applicator mitt. Pump your product onto the mitt and apply to the skin using sweeping motions, rather than circular motions - remember you want to evenly distribute the product. Make sure you start at the ankles and work your way up. When it comes to your back, flip the mitt back to front, you’ll find it easier to apply.

    TAN TIP 8: Face time

    When it comes to your face, the best tip I ever received is to mix the self tan with a small amount of moisturiser. This softens the formula to minimise the chance of breakouts.

    One last tip – make sure to apply moisturiser to your hands before you start to stop you getting orange palms…never a good look.

    Happy tanning! Feel free to share any of your own tips below.


  • How to: Create the ‘Undone’ Volume Look

    Undone volume. It’s one of those styles that everyone lusts after, but so few feel confident they can achieve without the help of their stylist. It’s the celebrity go to look and as a result has become one of the most requested blow-dry looks ever. But trust me ladies, the beauty of this style is that it’s meant to look messy and scream ‘I just woke up like this’ (yeah right). With just a few hints and tips from a pro, you can achieve this look at home and have everyone thinking you’ve got one hell of a loyalty card at the salon.


    Step 1: Root lift

    Apply a root lift spray, such as L’Oreal Professionnel Volumetry Anti-Gravity Volume Root Spray 125ml then, using your hairdryer without the nozzle, start to dry with your fingers, lifting the hair and directing the airflow into the root area.

    Step 2: Curl up

    Pop your hairdryer nozzle back on and grab a Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Brush (or similar) and direct the airflow from the roots to ends. Roll the hair around the brush back towards the heat, heating the hair as you roll. Now for the clever bit…ever wondered what that cold button on your dryer was for? Use it now to set the hair before unwrapping the hair, back-brushing lightly at the root and pinning into a barrel curl. That’s how the pro’s do it.

    Step 3: Pin curls

    Carry on section by section through your hair, remembering to take vertical sections and directing the heat away from the face. Repeat the previous step to complete the sides and back of the head, wrapping and pinning each section.

    Step 4: Get that lift

    Now you’ve reached the crown and the top start taking horizontal sections, elevating each section vertically and directing the nozzle into the root area for extra lift

    Step 5: Tease out

    Unpin each section and gently tease the hair at the root using a comb before spritzing with hairspray. I love Tigi Catwalk Session Series Finishing Hairspray. Shake the style out with your hands then use your fingers to dress it out to our desired finish.

    Simple right?! Give it a go and you’ll be amazed at the results.


  • Review: Redken Quick Tease

    They call it ‘backcomb in a can’ and they couldn’t be more right!

    My hair is flat, there’s no way around it, it just doesn’t have natural volume so when we got Redken’s Quick Tease into the salon, I jumped at the chance to review it.


    Redken Quick Tease Redken Quick Tease

    Directions: Spray 8-12 inches from dry, styled hair for control or mist directly onto roots for an enhanced lift.

    This spray is absolutely amazing! It really is backcomb in a can, I sprayed it directly onto my root hair line and simply pumped it up with my hands and it stayed in place. Although it can feel quite rough and tough in your hair – it ensures that you have volume throughout the whole night.

    I would definitely recommend this to any girl who needed an instant lift – it achieves the same look if you backcomb your hair. My best advice would be to section your hair and spray onto the hairline each time building up volumous layers.

    This volumising finish spray boosts the body of any girls hair!



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