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The clocks are changing – is your skin as tired as you are?

Are you constantly up all hours of the night? Do you feel you’re spending all your time at the office? Do you feel like there aren’t even hours in the day?

Well it’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to an hour and hello to the dark winter evenings. It may not seem much, but that hour can really play tricks with your body, especially your skin. So how do we avoid the grey-like complexion and prominent eye bags? It’s simple really.



Sleep is a major contributor in creating healthy looking skin and a quality night’s kip seems hard to get these days. So put those IPhones and tablets down and dedicate some time to your skin. Technology has been a distributing factor in this new digital age, with people constantly checking their e-mails and social media accounts whilst tucked up in bed or watching television past midnight during those all important sleeping hours. Statistics from the Sleep Council show that 33% of us often get as little as 5 hours of sleep a night!

So if you’re guilty of this, it’s looks like we’re going to have to fake it until we make it (an entire 8 hours sleep). Here’s some helpful tips how to revive tired looking skin:

  1. Waken your skin

Freshen up your morning with a quick splash of some cold water on to your face. The coolness of the water constricts the blood vessels leaving your skin feeling much smoother and more toned. It’ll definitely wake you up too!

  1. Try a tint

Don’t slap on a heavy foundation in hope of creating healthier complexion. Swap this for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream and allow your skin to glow and look more radiant. It’ll even out any blemishes or blotchiness and lets the skin breathe at the same time!

  1. Wide eyed

Fool them with big lashes. Grab your favourite mascara and a pair of eyelash curlers and you could trick anyone. Keeping the curler as close to the lash line as possible, allow around 10 seconds to squeeze then repeat the on the outer lashes again.

  1. Deflate those puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are the biggest give away from a lack of sleep. So invest in some eye treatment gel which will help tackle these. Hunt for one that contains a mixture of peptides and caffeine and you’ll have the winning combination!

  1. Lock in the Moisture

Stock up on hydrating facial moisturiser that’ll help lock the water in to your skin. It will combat any dryness and disguise any sleep-deprived wrinkles too! Your skin will look softer and more awake.

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