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Colour WOW! Review

It’s the latest must-have beauty tool, its literally being talked about everywhere! So, when it got delivered to the office, I HAD to try it out. Only problem is… I don’t have grey hairs so I went to the person closest to me who did – MUM! (sorry mum!)

Colour Wow is developed by beauty innovator Gail Federici and the fabulous John Frieda. The powder is formulated to camouflage roots instantly, leaving you with perfect roots every single day!

Colour Wow! Colour Wow!


When I opened it, I was instantly impressed, its in a cute palate, easy to carry around and looks just like an eye shadow – which was a bit worrying.

You have to apply it to dry hair and apparently it lasts up to 60 applications.

Mum sat there patiently as I applied it onto her hair (not that she needed me too but I wasn’t going to miss it!) and I was amazed! It really worked! You do have to press the powder in and it takes a few minutes, but it is absolutely perfect for those hair emergencies when you are in-between hair appointments. Not only does it work but its super easy to carry around with you to touch up as and when!

Mum loved it!


What Colour Wow does:

  • Camouflage roots instantly
  • Colour hair less often 
  • Fast & easy; No mess 
  • Perfect results in under a minute 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Lasts from shampoo to shampoo 
  •  Available in 4 versatile shades 
  • Professional formula 
  • 60 Application kit
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