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  • Easy ways to style curly hair

    Curly hair…everyone wants it, unless they already have it. If you have curls naturally you know…curly hair comes with issues. Sure, it can hold style like nobody's business, but it's fragile in its own way. There's the obvious problems, such as curls tend to be on the dryer side and are prone to breakage. But some problems you wouldn’t know unless you were born with curls, like the fact that brushes are the enemy. Brushes will only ruin your bounce. 

    So let me fill you in on the secrets behind styling your curls and help put those issues to bed. The basics of styling curly hair with minimal heat damage, involves three main styles: wet, natural and dry and roughly pulled back. Allow me to guide you through each style

    Style 1: Wet

    Not really a style, mainly just a starting point. This is when product plays a key role to give you the foundation you need. For finer curls opt for a product that will give you some grip and hold, such as a mousse. I always recommend Kérastase Resistance Volumifique Mousse 150ml. If you find your curls are a little more coarse, you’ll need to layer a mousse over a moisturising cream when your hair is still holding water. Try Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream 300ml. It will control your curl and stop any frizz in one step.

    Style 2: Diffused

    To dry your curls naturally, without too much styling, you need a low-heat, low-fan setting along with a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. As you dry your curls with the diffuser twist your hair between your forefinger and thumb. By using this action on your hair cuticle you ensure your hair is fully dry. If your curls aren’t completely dry, they will change shape and change style throughout the day.

    Style 3: Roughly Pulled Back

    The other great thing about curly hair is that buns are easy and all you really need a hairband. Something about roughly pulled back curls makes it look like you’ve made an effort. Winner. Just make sure that when you pull your hair back, to keep it from feeling too ‘ready for the gym’, pull some strands out in the front for some curls to frame your face. In many cases, the best way to show off the amazing texture of curly hair is a simple ponytail with lots of volume in the back. Don’t be too precious about it though. Curly hair rarely stays where you put it for long. Sometimes it's best to just let it do it’s own thing. Afterall…you have the hair everyone wants.


  • How to use your straighteners like a pro

    Despite commonly being referred to as ‘hair straighteners’, this holy grail hair tool has so many more uses and can help you create countless styles. Let me talk you through 3 of my favourites.


    Beach Waves 

    Step 1: Prep your hair using L’Oreal Professional Pli, which will work alongside your straighteners to help give your style longevity.

    Step 2: Starting at the nape of the head, take a small horizontal section and place your straighteners facing downwards at the root.

    Step 3: Close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the back of the head and run the straightener through the hair.

    Step 4: Repeat the technique through the head, alternating the direction of the curl by rotating the straighteners in the opposite direction each time for a more "un-done" effect.

    Step 5: Once all the hair is styled, dress the hair by gently running your fingers through the waves.

    Glam Curls

    Step 1: Starting at the back of the head, take an angled section from the top of the ear to the nape. Place your straightener at the root following the angle of the section, close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the head.

    Step 2: Glide the straighteners towards the ends, keeping them angled downwards.

    Step 3: Repeat steps to complete back section working upwards to the crown - make sure that when styling both sides, the angle is in towards the nape.

    Step 4: Repeat the same technique on the sides, keeping the same angle as the back.

    moil-glimmer-shine-spray-10Step 5: When you have reached the top, comb back your hair to reveal your natural parting and repeat the technique. Dress using a dressing brush and a shine spray, such as MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine Spray.

    Loose Waves

    Step 1: Take a small section at the front of the hair, mist with Redken Iron Shape to protect the hair and hold the curl.

    Step 2: Bend the hair to form an S shape. Place the hair between the plates and lightly clamp the hair to set the wave.

    Step 3: Continue feeding the hair through the straighteners, bending the hair into S shapes. Leave the ends out to give the look a more casual finish.

    Step 4: To dress the hair, tilt the head back and lightly massage at the roots with the pads of your fingers to break up the waves and create a boho finish. Finish with Catwalk Work It Hairspray.

  • Goodbye Summer…Hello Autumn

    Ok, I’m calling it. It’s definitely not summer anymore. For the first time in months, I walked to the salon this morning wearing a jacket and scarf, closed toe shoes and may or may not have used a quick blast of the hairdryer to warm myself up when I arrived. Sad face.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom. Now that autumn is upon us, we can finally get to work on transforming our summer frazzled hair into healthy and chic autumn tresses. Let me share with you my top 5 tips and tricks for restoring your locks for Autumn/Winter 2015.

    1. Time to book that haircut. It’s essential after enjoying the summer sun that you book into the salon to give your hair a new lease of life and remove those damaged ends. Even if you’ve been really protective of your hair, I always recommend to my clients that they have a good trim in order to keep their hair looking and feeling healthy. If you’re seeing lots of split ends, ask your stylist for a cut with minimal layers and a strong baseline to eradicate that shattered end feel and build as much weight into the hair as possible.

    2. The summer months can have a drying effect on your hair, especially if you’ve continued to use heated styling tools. Treatments are a must to help restore your hair to its former glory. Dampen down your hair and apply Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Masque 150g (£23) through the lengths and ends. The longer you leave it to work its magic the better, so take my advice and pop it on before bed and then rinse out in the morning for gorgeous results that will bring life back to your hair and make it more manageable.

    3. Everyone knows that your colour can look a little dull after time in the sun. In between colour appointments you can ask your stylist for just a toner to refresh your colour. These are also available just in clear, which won’t change your colour but add a top coat of shine. If you’re after an at home version, try the EVO Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioners 250ml (£23.00). These provide an instant hair colour refresh combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour. All in 3 minutes.

    4. Hair with sun and heat damage can become brittle and lack the essential proteins to keep your hair healthy. You’ll need to use products to balance this out. I reach for L’Oreal Professional Pro Keratin Shampoo 250ml (£10.99) to cleanse the hair and the pair it with EVO Mane Prescription Protein Treatment 150ml (£15.65). This intensive treatment works to rebuild strength and leave your hair in optimum condition. It’s definitely my secret weapon.

    5. Attempting a smooth and super sleek blow-dry on damaged hair can be a bit of a challenge, even for us professionals. Once you’ve got the right tools and products to hand though, it does make things a bit easier. First you need to build a good foundation using the right products for the job. I opt for Evo Easy Tiger Smoothing Fluid 200ml (£15.10) as it’s a great multitasking product that will make the hair manageable and full of vitality and shine. Using the nozzle on your hairdryer and pointing it downwards onto the hair shaft will smooth the cuticle down, making the hair smoother and have more shine. A professional ceramic brush, such as the Moroccan Oil Ceramic Barrel Brush (£13.85) will make things a lot easier too.

    Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be doing to transform your hair this season.


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