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Do's and Don’ts to help your make-up last.

Struggling to keep your make-up in place. Just follow my do’s and don’ts to help your make-up look last all day and into the night.

Do use serum. Make sure to choose one that treats your main skin concern, such as dehydration or fine lines. Serums work into the deeper layers of the skin than just your moisturiser, so help to provide the perfect base for your foundation. A well prepped skin is the key to long lasting make-up. Try Thalgo Source Marine Hydra-Marine Serum 30ml for a good all-rounder.

Don’t over moisturise. Given my last tip, it’s tempting to use more moisturiser in the hope of helping your skin to look more hydrated. In reality though it will stop your makeup from staying put. Less is more.

Do apply your foundation, blush and powder in fine layers, for added staying powder.

Don’t apply loads of foundation. It’s a big mistake to imagine  that applying more will mean your make-up will last longer. All that will happen is it will settle in the creases and make it look cakey.

Do use a little more mascara than you think is necessary. My favourite is L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes for dramatic lashes.

Don’t try to make your lipstick last all day. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to touch it up at some point during the day. To help it last as long as possible though, line and fill your lips with a strong nude colour or, if you’re feeling a dark lip, make sure to use a pencil that matches your lipstick shade. When you apply your lipstick, apply one layer, blot and then reapply. It should last a good few hours.

Do use a fixing mist to hold your make-up in place. Fixing powders are great to set your base, but a fixing mist on top of your finished makeup look will help add radiance and a dewy look to your skin. It will avoid the dreaded over-powdered effect that some heavy powders can create on the skin. You can also use a setting spray to revive your look throughout the day.

Don’t forget to check the weather. Hot weather can be a nightmare for those with oily skin when it comes to make up. Invest in some blotting papers to help keep excess shine to a minimum and avoid disturbing your makeup base while reducing shine.

I’d love to hear your tried and tested techniques for helping make-up stay put for longer. Feel free to share in the comments below.


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