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Can’t stand the heat?

With the summer months approaching, it can’t just be me who always looks to change up the way I style my hair. I’m not sure what it is about summer, but I always feel the need to tone down my beauty routine and take it back to basics. I opt for a CC or BB cream instead of my usual foundation, I’ll make sure to moisturise my body for a change and I always try to give my hair a break from the constant styling and heat that I expose it to daily. That said, I still want to look good and feel put together, not just like I’ve made no effort at all. If I’m honest though, I usually cave and go back to my heated styling tools after a day as my hair just won’t air-dry without making me look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge. This year things are different though as I’ve got a secret weapon. Enter Redken’s new No Blow Dry Stylers. 

Whether you just don’t have enough time or energy to heat style your hair, or like me you want to take a break, Redken’s No Blowdry Stylers offer the ability to achieve a frizz-controlled style on the go. Like me you might be feeling a bit sceptical and swear you’ve heard this all before, but what makes Redken No Blow Dry different from other leave-in’s is Redken’s Air-Tex Technology; a system of flexible polymers for control and movement and quick dry polymers that help speed up drying time. The range consists of three creams, Airy Cream for fine hair, Just Right Cream for medium hair and Bossy Cream for coarse hair types, so there really is a version for everyone. Redken’s No Blow Dry creates an effortless style which both look great and feels great, plus it smells amazing and keeps that ‘just washed’ hair smell going for longer. I’m sold.

The secret with these products is to know how best to use them to help you create your ideal no heat styler. Here’s a few of my tips and tricks to help:

  1. For loose beach waves

Apply No Blow Dry to damp hair. Create one loose braid and let your hair air-dry. Undo braid, and shake out hair to perfectly waved tendrils.

  1. For tighter beach waves

Apply No Blow Dry then create two or more braids, depending on your hair thickness. Let your hair air-dry, then undo braids and shake out.

  1. For a soft, face-framing bend

Apply No Blow Dry then clip your hair behind your ears and allow it to air-dry. Unclip, then gently tousle.

  1. For bouncy waves with root volume

Apply No Blow Dry then twist hair into a high topknot, and allow to air-dry. Undo the topknot and gently brush through.

  1. For enhanced natural texture

Apply No Blow Dry then scrunch hair and allow it to air-dry.

  1. For defined natural curls

Apply No Blow Dry then gently twist curls into shape using fingers and allow to air-dry.

Have you tried the new #NBD stylers yet? I’d love to hear your tips on how best to use them. Get sharing!


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