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The Salon Look Girl Talks About Facial Oils

Facial oils have had a bit of a boom in recent years, with more and more skincare brands launching their own versions. The big question now is, are they worth the hype? Many people wouldn’t dream of putting an oil on their skin for fear of a dreaded breakout. Let me take you through the benefits of facial oils and a quick guide to which type might be best for your skin.

Your skin’s appearance reveals so much about your lifestyle and general health. Essential Oils are particularly effective on the skin thanks to their rebalancing properties.


Surprisingly, Essential Oils have the same molecular structure as our blood, therefore your body can absorb them into the skin to the deepest layer, the dermis. This makes them one of the quickest ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. The rapid absorption of these oils turbo boosts the effectiveness of other products by acting like a magnet and drawing them deeper in the skin to the dermis. By using facial oils, you can get magnified results with your other skincare products.

Amazing stuff. Still not sure if they are right for you? Let’s run through the best oils by skin type to reveal specific benefits to you.  Decleor really are the true experts when it comes to facial oils, with their huge product catalogue of oils for each and every skin concern. I’ll mention their specific oils below.

For Dehydrated Skin:

Neroli Essential Oil is at the heart of many Decleor products. Known for its benefits to increase hydration levels and improve the complexion of the skin it also leaves skin glowing. Neroli is ideal for those who have a dehydrated skin type or find that skin is lacking lustre and looking dull. Neroli Essential Oil is obtained from fresh flower buds of the bitter orange tree.

For Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Decleor Iris Essential Oil has 3 main benefits on the skin. It’s beneficial to target lines and wrinkles and loss of collagen and is suitable for a mature skin type with a skin age of 40+. It increases the quality of the elastin fibers and helps boost on cell renewal.

For Sensitive Skin:

Essential Oil of Damascena Rose is proven to strengthen the skins protection barrier. This makes it the ideal ingredient to use if your skin is suffering with sensitivity (through hormones, pregnancy, stress etc) or if you notice that your skin type needs calming and soothing due to adult acne or rosacea. Rose oil helps to relieve sensitivity, soothe and calm the skin and reduce redness and inflammation whilst building the skin’s tolerance.

Very Dry Skin:

Marjoram is the Essential Oil of choice for those suffering with dry to very dry skin. Due to its natural affinity with the skin, it can penetrate into the dermis and influence the genes of the skin. Marjoram encourages your genes to make more lipids (oils) to lubricate, nourish and soften a very dry skin, treating the heart of the skin condition from within.

Oily and Combination Skin:

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is clinically proven to help reduce our own oil flow by 20%, limiting surface oiliness and shine. It is 1.5x more effective than salicylic acid to help refine the skin’s texture. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to deeply cleanse the skin. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are a great treatment for an oily skin type as oil attracts oil (fight fire with fire).

For Mature Skins:

Magnolia Essential Oil is clinically proven to stimulate your body’s production of collagen, responsible for giving the skin elasticity. Magnolia Oil acts like a support for a more mature skin by helping to hold everything up helping to re shape, re cushion and re densify the skin.

Oils, like all skincare, are very prescriptive. It’s just a case of finding the right oil for you. Appling just 3 drops of an essential oil, like Decleor’s Aromessences, every morning under your moisturiser can make a real change to your skin.


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