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Stay in control - A guide to frizz-free hair, whatever the weather

I’m sure you can all relate to that moment when all your hard work styling your hair in the morning is taken from you with just one gust of wind. Those perfect curls drop and expand, your immaculate bob looks starts to kink in all the wrong places so you end up rocking a drab, matted mane before you even reach your destination. It’s enough to make you give up on your hair during the winter months. Fear not though; with this guide you can achieve salon smooth hair all year long.

It’s all in the cut

The easiest styles for flyaway hair are ones with texture. It might seem like the opposite of what you’d want to do, but flyaways are much easier to conceal in texture, as they stand out more in smoother styles. It’s also really important to keep your style in shape, so make sure you keep having regular trims to keep your hair in good condition and reduce flyaways. A great on-trend option is to to opt for a long bob as this keeps your look versatile an allows you to create waves and texture to disguise any little hairs.

Change up your technique

If you’ve got hair that is prone to frizz be sure to prepare your hair in the morning to get a good foundation in place. Make sure you lock down your cuticle by aiming your hairdryer down the hair shaft and be sure that your roots are completely dry before you step outside. If you suffer from static, make sure you don’t over-dry and straighten the hair as this may make it more susceptible to flyaway strands. A great solution is to use some serum through the mid lengths and ends to add a little weight and shine to the hair to keep it all together. I recommend GHD Smooth and Finish Serum 30ml.

Be prepared

A great way to rectify your style after your commute is to keep some styling dust on hand. I love OSiS+ Refresh Dust Bodyfying Dry Shampoo 100ml. It will work in a similar way to dry shampoo and encourage volume to revive your hair. It’s always a fab tip to keep some serum in your bag to smooth through your ends too, helps to avoid the dragged through a hedge look that no-one wants. L’Oreal Liss Control + Serum 50ml is a great travel size.

Hold is key

One of my top tips for reducing flyaways is to get your hair brush (preferably a paddle/flat brush) and spray a strong hold hairspray (try Bed Head Flexi Head Strong Flexible Hold Hairspray 385ml) directly onto the brush. Then simply brush through the top layer of your hair to smooth down any areas you need to and keep your style in place.

Give these tips a try next time you have to brave the lovely British weather. Or just move to a sunnier climate…I know which one I’m going for.


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