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Skincare: How much product you should be using

Sometimes it’s the most obvious questions that get overlooked. We spend so much of our time asking which products will most benefit our skin and when to use them, that very often we forget to ask the simplest thing; how much should I be using?

So, if you’re confused whether ‘less’ really is ‘more’ or if you should be generous with your favourite products then this is the post for you. Let me break it down.

Cleanser – This depends on your choice of cleanser and which cleanse you’re doing:

Balm cleanser (used for first cleanse or make-up removal): a heaped teaspoon

Cleansing milk (used for first cleanse or make-up removal): a heaped teaspoon or two pumps, depending on your applicator.

Second cleanse or your morning cleanse – a level teaspoon or just one pump


Make sure you’re using a cotton pad. Dampen it with your toner until it’s ¾ wet. To make your product go further, use both sides of the pad.

Eye cream

The aim here is to cover your entire eye area, both below and over your eye. If you don’t struggle with a dry or overly ageing eye area, a small amount on the edge of your ring finger will be more than enough. Remember, you need not ‘rub’ in an eye cream. The heat from your fingers will do the work, so just pat the product in gently. If your eyes are dry or showing signs of ageing, then you may want slightly more. Remember, you can always add, but you can’t take away.


I tend to find that products such as serums are easier to gauge because the majority of them come with a pump. The thought process here is 1 pump per application. Simple. But for argument sake, your looking for a 20p piece size.


This will depend on the consistency, but as a rule, 20p piece size should suffice.

Night cream

Here you can afford to be a little more generous. Your skin does most of its regenerating work and moisture absorption while we sleep, so make sure to pack in the hydrating products now. I’d say a grape size amount will be more than enough here.

Seems simple, but so many of us get it wrong. Remember though, everyone’s skin is different. If your skin feels like it needs a bit more, then listen. It’s asking you for a reason.

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