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Make all your ‘swishes’ come true

It can’t just be me that craves that super touchable ‘swishy’ hair, can it? You know the type…think of every high street shampoo advert you’ve ever seen (herbal essences I’m looking at you). Always, always shiny swishy hair. Now you know I would never recommend high street shampoos (oh dear God..the silicone!), but I thought I’d share my top tips for achieving the best swish you can. 

So when I say ‘swishy’ I mean shiny, soft, glossy, bouncy and weightless hair. Let’s break that down:


I would always recommend using a leave-in conditioner to achieve the best shine. If you have fine hair opt for a light-weight variety, such as Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturiser 150ml from Evo. Make sure you comb it through with a wide tooth comb to the mid-lengths and ends before rinsing as this smoothes the cuticle down for optimum shine.


The secret to this is moisture. Use an intense moisturising mask once a week and leave on for the full 15-20 minutes. Moisture masks get deep into the hair’s structure and nourish it from the inside out, increasing your hair’s flexibility and softness. Try Evo’s The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask 150ml


This one’s all down to the previous two steps, and your blow-dry. Remember to always take around 60% of the water out of your hair before using a brush. Make sure to section your hair and use a natural bristle brush to get extra smoothness. If you’re more concerned about achieving body and volume though, opt for an acrylic bristle. Always make sure to point the bristle down the hair shaft so that all the cuticles are laying in the same direction.


If you struggle to get the volume you crave, start using a blow-dry lotion, such as L’Oreal Tecni Art Dual Styler Liss & Pump-Up 150ml. Apply to hair when wet and comb through so that the product is evenly distributed. Use section clips as before, but really take the time to dry the root area as this creates the shape. Use the cool shot on your dryer on your roots to fix them in place. Try rolling each section of dried hair as if you have an invisible roller and clip in place while you move on to another section. Once completed, leave to cool for five minutes and spray with a fine hold hairspray before unclipping. Run your fingers through for a natural yet voluminous look.


It seems obvious to say, but don’t overload your hair with product. With professional products…less is more. A little goes a long way.

Now go and get swishing!


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