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True Organics of Sweden

To be a truly organic beauty brand you have to have something really special. So many brands have dabbled in organic product lines, but few have truly stuck to the brief. True Organics of Sweden are here to put organic beauty on the map and prove that chemical free doesn’t have to mean results free.

True Organics of Sweden have a clear philosophy when it comes to their products; love your skin, love our planet. They source the best, certified organic and natural ingredients they can find, with the goal of creating natural skincare products that have as few ingredients in them as possible and still deliver amazing results.

The way they see it, what you put on your skin will e
ventually wind up in your bloodstream. When you use organic skin care you are working with natural ingredients that work harmoniously with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. Well I’m sold.

I guess you could say they stick to the concept of ‘less is more’ and you can truly see that when you scan their product portfolio. It’s home to just three products. That’s right, three. No doubt they’ll increase this as time goes on, but it’s great to see a brand taking the time to get things right and producing three outstanding products instead of rushing to get a full range up and running.true-organic-sweden

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty; the products themselves. My personal favourite from their capsule collection is the All You Need Is Me Balm 50ml. Think Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream and you’ll get the concept here. This baby boasts just six ingredients and nothing more, but is a truly versatile product that can be used for just about anything. From chapped lips, dry cuticles and dry skin patches to split ends on your hair, this balm/ointment has them all covered. It’s a real multi-tasker and is a must for your handbag.

There’s been a few mentions in the press for a while now about the adverse effects of aerosol deodorants and their link with cancer in women. So if you’re looking for an alternative that you can rest assured contains no nasties, you’re going to want to reach for Undercover Agent 50ml. This roll on deodorant is natural, safe and smells really fresh. It gives genuine, long-lasting protection without synthetic aluminium and alcohol. This stuff really works.

Last but not least, it’s their Face It Serum 30ml. This is a real luxurious organic serum for radiant and glowing skin that is formulated with the finest blend of pure organic oils. It’s rich in antioxidants which helps promote cell renewal, stimulates new collagen production and improves skin tone, texture and pigmentation.  It is truly nourishing and revitalizing and best of all it’s perfect for any type of skin.

If you try just one new product range this Autumn, make it True Organics of Sweden. They are a true champion of organic skincare and they create outstanding products that your skin will thank you for.

Why not say Hej (Swedish for hi!) in the comments and let me know your thought’s on this new range.


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