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Dry hair…don’t care.

I’m sure most of you can relate to the perils of dry hair. A few months ago, my hair took a battering thanks to my choice of hair colour (I’m looking at you, full head bleach), heated styling tools as well as a bit of down time on a beach in sunny Spain. Suddenly my once healthy, shiny hair was feeling completely dry and damaged and I knew I needed to switch up my haircare routine fast in order to salvage it.


Enter Kerastase. This well known brand, loved by the likes of Kate Moss, designs products that are prescriptive and results driven, and boy do they deliver. I opted for their Nutritive Magistral range which is ideal for, in Kerastase’s words; “severely dried out hair”. That’ll be for me then…

Now the first thing you need to know about Kerastase is that it’s designed to be a complete haircare ‘system’ and all products work in harmony with each other. Although you’ll get results if you switch up one product in your routine for Kerastase, you’ll really see and feel a difference if you embrace the full Kerastase routine. Knowing this going in, I start my routine with Kerastase Bain Magistral, a deeply nourishing shampoo that softens the hair and makes it really shiny, smooth and soft to the touch. Next, I apply Fondant Magistral through the mid-lengths and ends. It’s a great daily, nourishing conditioner that just needs to be left on for 2-5 minutes. Once a week or whenever I felt that my hair needed a deeper conditioning treatment, I used Masque Magistral, which is an intense nourishing treatment designed especially to replenish moisture for very dry hair. The whole range is formulated with resin from the Benjoin Tree, which is able to recreate inner nutrition from within so while you get instant results with hair feeling softer and shinier, this haircare regime is working long-term to help the health of your hair.

By far my favourite product from this range has to be the Crème Magistral Nutrition Balm. I applied this before blow-drying to towel dried hair. This leave-in balm not only protects hair from heat damage, it also leaves it shiny and smooth with an intensely nourished feel.

Since I've started using the Kerastase’s Nutritive range the biggest difference I noticed is how much softer and shinier my hair is. Over time, the health of my hair has definitely continued to improve and now, it's fuller, much more manageable, and easier to style. Kerastase products are the best of both worlds; they provide a quick fix, but with continued use they keep working to drastically improve the health of your hair. They completely live up to the hype and I’m converted that’s for sure.

To find out more about Kerastase and the view the full product range Click Here

Let me know if you’ve tried any Kerastase products and what you think of the brand below



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