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Spring Clean Your Hair Routine

Now we can officially say that Winter is behind us, it’s time to start thinking about revamping your hair routine and refreshing your hair kit for the new Spring season. Spring it on! (see what I did there…)


Step 1. Deep clean your brushes

When you see more than 10 clients per day like I do, brush and tool hygiene is a must obviously. Very often though, we forget about our brushes at home, after all, it’s only us that uses them right? Now let’s have a think about the amount of hair and dead skin cells that inevitably start to clog up that brush…yep, it makes me want to scrub my brushes immediately too. I recommend washing your brushes and combs at least once a week. Pull out any matted hair from the brush and wash under warm water using a shampoo to really get into the bristles. Old toothbrushes work really well for this too.

Step 2. Don’t forget your heated tools

If you find that your hairdryer is over-heating it could be due to a clogged air filter/vent at the back of your dryer. You can easily get rid of any visible dust or hair by removing the vent and using tweezers (just make sure your dryer is unplugged when you do this!). It’s essential to clean straighteners and hot curling tools too as any excess product can encourage split ends and prevent you from getting a smooth finish.

Step 3. Remember your dates

You might remember my previous blog all about skin product expiry dates. Sadly, hair products are not immune to expiry dates either and should be checked regularly to ensure that it’s still in date. You should see an open lid symbol and the letter M which stands for months and a number, such as 12. This tells you how many months after opening you can still use the product. It’s only a guide, but you wouldn’t eat gone off food, so maybe don’t put gone off product on your hair eh?

Step 4. Mix up your products

Swap your blow-dry cream for an air-dry lotion. Take advantage of the warmer weather and embrace a heat-free blowdry. I love Kevin Murphy Motion.Lotion 150ml as it gives great movement for a smooth but natural looking finish.

Try a lighter conditioner. Replace your nourishing and intensive conditioner with a lighter formula such as Kevin Murphy Staying.Alive 150ml which hydrates your hair without the heaviness of a masque or deep conditioner.

Add an SPF to your routine. SPF can help protect your hair and prevent static, frizz and dullness. I’m in love with L’Oreal Solar Sublime Conditioning Spray 125ml which helps provide protection to the hair whilst in the sun and conditions the hair whilst also adding shine.

So, spring clean your hair routine. You’ll give yourself healthier hair…and it’s much more exciting than spring cleaning the house. You’re welcome.

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