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10 things you need this Autumn

The winter months are approaching and over the last week we have already seen the temperature drop sad face

Its time to say goodbye to the bright pastel colours and summery trends, and time to say hello to autumn!

In order to prepare you, I’ve made a list of the top ten things you will need:

  1. Wine-red lipstick
    Deep red colours are in this season and look super chic with autumn fashion colours like browns and blacks.
  2. Grey eye shadow
    Trust me – grey is in! Instead of a black smoky eye, try using grey and silver colours. It adds sophistication. Plus it looks amazing with autumn dark colours and deep red lipstick!
  3. Metallic nail polish
    I heart metallic! This autumn, metallic colours are fast becoming the go-to colour for any outfit. Metallic nail varnish will add a little jazz to any outfit.I just put on Essie’s Jag-U-Are. It’s a red metallic colour and looks gorgeous!
  4. Matte foundation
    Instead of shiny foundation (which nobody particularly loves) matte is back. Matte foundation is easily build-able for coverage and controls shine throughout the day while evening the skin tone.
  5. SPF
    Just because the sun is gone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still protect your skin! Use products with SPF in or just put a tiny bit of sun cream on underneath your foundation. Your skin will thank you for it in years to come – I promise!On holiday all I used is Ambre Solaire's BB cream as its acts as both a tinted moisturiser and sun cream. Plus it evens out my skin tone - a true all in one!

    Ambre Solaire's BB Cream

  6. Felt eyeliner
    I recently switched from pencil to felt and it changed my life! I am now officially obsessed. Felt eyeliner is super easy to apply and lasts for hours. Its also smudge free – what more could you ask for?!
  7. Brow shadow
    Since Cara Delevinge hit the scene, brows have been the in thing, but even more so this autumn. Make sure you define your natural brows with shadow that’s the closet shadow to your hair colour. Ensure you don’t go super crazy and paint your brows on, that is not hot!
  8. Thickening mascara
    Fake lashes are for summer. This autumn you don’t want to be flapping around with glue and lashes. Get a thickening mascara and see the difference – much more natural and stylish.
  9. Hydrating Moisturiser
    Looking after skin is never a seasonal thing  - you should be doing this year round! But even more so now that the weather is changing, you need to keep your skin hydrating at all timesTry using Thalgo's Source Hydra-Marine 24h cream, its to die for!
    Thalgo Marine
  10. A Fringe
    A heavy eyelash-grazing fringe is huge this autumn. If you have had a fringe before – get it back! If you haven’t had one, why not try it? Consult your hair stylist and see what they think? I have done loads in the salon in the last few weeks!
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