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Review: Dermalogica – Multi Active Toner


Buy Dermalogica Multi-Active TonerI've been waiting to get my hands on the new Dermalogica products! Used by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba, it HAS to be amazing!

First up was the Multi Active Toner, I used the one from the Favourites Box Set that I bought. I thought it such a great way to try all the different products before committing and buying the full sizes.

The toner comes in a spray bottle – for a very refreshing and easy application. A few spritz is enough for your whole face.

The solution smells very soft and fresh and leaves your skin feeling awake and revitalised. I used cotton pads to remove the residue, and it did make my skin feel smooth and soft.  Lavender helps soothe and purify. Balm Mint and Aloe Vera cool and soften skin.

I would now go out and buy the full size – big fan :)

5/5 - couldn’t want more from a toner!


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