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Easy hair up-dos to change up your look

It is so easy to get stuck in routines and just stick with the same hair isn’t it? I wanted some new hair looks that are easy enough to do anywhere!

Here are my favourite three:

1. Vintage tuck

This up-do is not only super cute but also super easy!

  • Place a headband over hair that is down. Just over the tops of your ears.
  • Starting at the front of your hair, take a piece of hair one inch thick and tuck it under the head band. Repeat until the whole section of hair is tucked under the headband
  • Simply repeat the whole way round the headband until all your hair is tucked into the headband
Vintage Tuck Vintage Tuck

Voila! This is a vintage boho look. It also doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfectly neat - sometimes its better that way!


2. Fishtail plait

The fishtail plait is such a nice modern take on the traditional three strand plait. You can either have the fish tail plait on the side, like a French plait at the back, in two bunches – however you like

  • First, split the hair into two sections, and continually take one section from each side to the other
  • Watch this tutorial for more info http://bit.ly/1ip8jwz
Fishtail Plait Fishtail Plait

Top tip: the smaller the sections you take over to each side, the more intricate the fishtail plait will look.


3. Messy bun with underside plait

A nice addition to the popular messy bun look

  • Tip hair upside down, and start French plaiting underneath
  • Secure the plait with a hair band
  • Create messy bun as usual
Messy Plait Bun Messy Plait Bun

Now this one did take me quite a few practices and it might not be perfect first time but keep trying! Once you do these looks once, they get easier each time!


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