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Review: Silk Fibre Lash Mascara

On a night out, I love using fake lashes; they always give my eyes a gorgeous dramatic effect and obviously, make my lashes longer. So, when I saw Silk Fibre Lash Mascara, which doesn’t use any glue or any heavy fake lashes to apply, I instantly wanted to try it out.

Silk Fibre Lash Silk Fibre Lash

Silk Mascara comes in what looks like a sunglasses box. There are two tubes - one mascara and the other the mascara fibres.

How to apply:

  • You first take the mascara and apply normally to your lashes.
  • Next, you take the fibre wand and apply the tiny fibres to the ends of your lashes before the gel dries. DO NOT use this like normal mascara. I did the first time and I got hundreds of little fibres in my eye – really not good.
  • Finish with another coat of mascara to secure the fibres to the end of your lashes.

For best results, I repeated the above twice, which created a gorgeous thick, long look.

Don’t forget to finish with a coat of the mascara gel otherwise the fibres will fall off and not only go all over your face but will go into your eye. Painful.

To remove, simply use a make up wipe or warm water.

I was really, really impressed with the fibre lash mascara. It says on the packet that it increases the length and thickness of your lashes by 150%... I would agree!

As you can see by the pictures, my lashes were longer, thicker and looked great considering there were no fake lashes applied. It’s so easy to use and there’s no faffing with glue or spending lots of money on lashes. You buy it once and it lasts for over 30 applications.

For someone who wants longer, thicker lashes – it’s a must have!



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