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Everything you need to know about Moroccanoil

Every time I’m in the salon or on social media, everyone is always asking questions about how to use Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil has become the ‘it’ product for hair across the world, from runways to salons, its everywhere. It’s one of those products that stylists love just as much as everyone else.

How to use Moroccanoil What's all the fuss about Moroccanoil?

Moroccanoil is not only easy to use but has countless benefits for your hair and there’s so many ways that you can use it.

So, what actually are the benefits of using Moroccanoil?

Well, first of all, it can be used on any type of hair, dry or oily, straight or curly. It takes on several roles such as conditioner, frizz control, protection and rejuvenation. It absorbs instantly and makes your hair softer, smoother and silkier. It also adds volume and moisture, repairing any damaged hair and split ends.

I know what you’re probably thinking; how can it be that good? It really is the ultimate hair product. I have about 10 bottles of it, 1 in each of my bags so I never forget it wherever I go.

Going on holiday? Just take this bad boy with you. Moroccanoil also provides protection from dry, hot, harsh environments - exactly like the Moroccan desert (surprisingly, where Moroccanoil came from!)

How do I use Moroccanoil?

  1. You can easily incorporate Morrocanoil within your daily hair routine. After washing your hair, comb and gently towel dry your hair. With your hair still damp, pour a penny-sized portion of Moroccanoil onto the palm of your hand and rub together. Then massage and apply the oil into your hair. Once dried, your hair will be silkier and smooth.Top tip: be careful putting it close to the roots as will make your hair look greasy.
  2. Another option is the same routine as above but focusing on one particular area. If you have long hair, it can benefit the ends of your hair, so try spreading it from the middle to the tips. This can moisturise and hydrate your ends.Top tip: its fab for repairing spilt ends.
  3. You can also use Moroccanoil on dry hair too. It makes styling your hair easier. Again, use a penny-sized portion and work it into your ends, avoiding the roots. Style your hair like you normally would and you’ll see how the Moroccanoil takes hold of any frizz or fly aways leaving you with sleek and healthy looking hair.

Why not try it yourself? I warn you though, once you try it, you won’t go back...






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