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Go For Gold! Surviving Summer Hair

It might be Summer (supposedly!) but our hair can still take a battering when the weather is good. Here's our top tips for summer hair:

1. Use a hairdryer

Might sound odd but blasting your hair with a hairdryer can eliminate frizz and keep your hair looking smoother for longer. Don't put it on too high a heat setting though or it can have the opposite effect.

2. Style with conditioner

If you're going curly using conditioner gives you more flexibility - start from about half way down to avoid greasy roots and curl round your fingers.

3. Moroccan Oil

Forget diamonds - this stuff is a girls best friend! Versatile and easy to use we recommend using it on the ends of damp hair before blow-drying. If you still have flyaway hairs put a small amount to complete your style.

4. Holiday Colour

Whatever you do DON'T colour your hair just before you go away on that fabulous holiday! Whilst it's tempting the sun, sea, sand and chlorine can all change the colour - leaving you in need of another trip to the hairdressers as soon as you get back.

5. Braid It!

For girls with long hair the summer can be pretty hot - so get on board with this seasons hottest hair trend and braid it. Perfect for keeping fringes off the face a la Pixie Lott or a simple single braid is great for by the pool style.


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